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DMM Brass Offset Set #0-6


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Brass Offsets are crucial for protecting small flared cracks, often fitting perfectly where nothing else will go. The brass used for the head of the nut is soft enough to bite into placements, but hard enough to resist deforming and pulling through. Wires are soldered directly into the nut head, allowing a thicker wire to be used and increasing overall strength. The colour coded swage gives easy size selection and allows the Brass Offset to self equalise when loaded, making the most of marginal placements.

  • 7 sizes [0-6]
  • Silver soldered for extra strength
  • Alloy swage aids even loading
  • Color coded


Product Color Strength Weight Range
#0 Gold 2kn 4g 3.7 / 5.5mm
#1 Blue 4kn 7g 4.3 / 6.5mm
#2 Red 5kn 9g 5.6 / 7.5mm
#3 Silver 5kn 10g 6.0 / 8.5mm
#4 Purple 7kn 14g 7.5 / 10.2mm
#5 Green 7kn 17g 8.6 / 11.7mm
#6 Silver 10kn 24g 9.8 / 13.9mm


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