About NAR

Life is short- live each day! After more than 30 years of living his passions- camping, backpacking, climbing, skiing and motorcycle touring-

Barry Durbin barrydurbinstarted Nevada Adventure Rentals (NAR) to support others in pursuing adventure. Based in Reno, Nevada, the gateway to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, NAR is strategically located to support all types of adventure in the Sierra or to serve as a base for more distant excursions.



NAR’s approach is “backpacking on a motorcycle”- at least that’s what Barry has always called it. He learned that riding to his outdoor activities added adventure and was so much more fun than driving to a location to play. Driving a car is like watching a movie through the windshield but when you ride a motorcycle you are in the movie, experiencing all the good and bad that the trip affords you.

NAR’s mission is to rent superior Adventure Touring Motorcycles, rent and sell quality Outdoor Equipment, and provide excellent Customer Service and Travel Logistics supporting your next adventure of a lifetime. about-iceNAR can set you up for one of our Custom Adventure Tours or help you design and supply you for an Ala Carte Adventure of your own creation. Whether you show up with just a toothbrush or come fully equipped but need some guidance, NAR is ready to support your adventure.about2

Your Next Adventure Begins With Us!!


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